Does upside really save you money on gas?

Unless you just left the house from the covid quarantine you have had to have heard about the upside app. If you haven’t it’s the app that you download on your smart phone to cash back when you buy gas, get snacks and now even groceries.

Does it work and is it worth it? There has been some recent changes to the upside app that has made it even easier that even beginning drivers can use the app. You used to have to upload a picture of the receipt of your purchases to get the cash back. The app now can now remember your card that you use and you tell the app which one to look for the purchases. I have cashed out to my bank account numerous times and with gas prices fluctuating the way they do upside has really helped out. You can cash out to your bank account or get gift cards of your choosing.

Recently upside has partnered with restaurants such as Taco Bell, Arby’s and Domino’s. Get cash back on the gas you buy to get your favorite late night snack and get cash back on that as well. In a time that your dollar does not stretch as far it used to using the upside app is a game changer for your wallet.

Head over to upside to download the app and start saving today. If you use code 6JWRW3 you will get a $11.11 bonus offer when you download